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Safe Bounce House Rental Company - We have YOUR safety in Mind!!!!!

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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

      As a renter of an inflatable bouncer or slide YOU are required to have a responsible adult supervise the ride and children at all times that the ride is in use! The adult must know all the safety rules and also be the enforcer of these rules. The supervisor is responsible for the safety of the children and the care of the equipment.
Are the Inflatable Bouncers safe? Jumping Panda
How many can jump at one time?
What does delivery include?
How much space do I need for the inflatable?
What requirements do you need for an inflatable?
What time do you deliver and pick-up the bounce house?
What is the rental period?
Do I need to pay a Deposit?
Can you setup in Parks?
Can the inflatables be setup indoors?
How do I reserve an inflatable?
How far in advance should I reserve my inflatable?
What is your payment policy?
When is payment Due?
What if it is forecasted to rain? or it is raining?
Does All Day Bouncers have insurance?
SHOPPING AROUND? Here's what you need to know before you select a company!
Are the Inflatable Bouncers safe?
Absolutely! As long as all the rules outlined on the operating procedures page of your rental contract are followed, and the unit is supervised at all times, they are very safe.

How many can use the inflatable at one time?
10 x 10 Bounce House   Up to 6 children
15 x 15 Bounce House 4 - 10 Children (depending on size)
15 x 15 Combo      4 - 8  Children (depending on size)
16 x 16 Combo 4 -10 Children (depending on size)
27 x 13 Combo 4 - 8 Children (depending on size)
32' Wet Slide 2 maximum (One ready to slide and
one climbing up the ladder)
30' Giant Dry Slide  

6 maximum rider, over 36" tall.

30' Obstacle Course

6 maximum rider, over 36" tall.

For their safety, children 3 and under and not permitted on inflatables, per manufacturer recommendations.

What does Delivery include?
Delivery includes coming to the specified location, going over the rental agreement and Rules of Conduct with you in person. Once reviewed, we will accept your payment.  We will then setup your bouncer and do a "walk-around" to go over the jumper's safety points. At the end of your event, we will come back, pack up the unit and perform a brief survey. Each visit will take approximately 20 - 30 minutes. Note: You MUST be present at time of delivery.
How much space do I need for an inflatable?
An additional 3 - 5 feet of unobstructed perimeter around each side of the inflatable, this is the bare minimum.  Thus a 15 x 15 bouncer requires a 21 x 21 min. sq. foot space to be placed.  In addition, low hanging branches are also an obstacle that must be removed.
What requirements do you need for an inflatable?

Our inflatables can be virtually setup up on any level surface such as grass, concrete, asphalt or dirt. Although, grass is preferred. The location must be free of rocks, sticks, branches, rough debris and fecal material. If you have an in ground sprinkler system, please make sure the timer is not set to go on. 

The bouncers also requires 110 VAC outlet, located within 125 feet of the inflatable.  A 110 VAC is a typical household outlet.  We can acess outlets through doors or windows if we need to.

What time do you deliver and pick-up the bounce house?
It varies depending on how many bouncers we have to setup on a particular day.  Typically we start around 8 AM to begin deliveries and setups. You will be notified with a 30 - 45 minute setup window as you will have to be at the delivery location at time of setup. If time is crucial for you, let us know.

NOTE: Under special circumstances, when delivering to outlying areas,  we could start as early as 6 or 7 AM for setup and pickup as late as 8 or 9 PM. You would be notified.

What is the rental period?
Rental Period can vary depending on your needs. Our prices are posted along with pictures of inflatables on their appropriate pages.  Please see them for viewing and prices. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any special circumstances you might have, as we are very flexible.  We can also set up for an overnight occasion or a two day rental; please call to discuss pricing.  Unless you have special circumstances, all bouncers will be picked up before dark.
Do I need to pay you a deposit?
We do not require a deposit at this time! Rental dates will be confirmed once we have determined a satisfactory delivery and pick-up time. We will provide all instructions and a receipt if required on the day of delivery. In order to secure a rental date, submit your information by phone.
Can you setup in Parks?
At this time the only city park we set up is at Lakes Parks on Gladiolus.
Can the Inflatable be setup indoors?
 Yes, The rides can be setup indoors providing we have adequate ceiling clearance. 
How do I reserve an inflatable?
It is recommended that you phone us at 239-573-1231 to secure your reservation.  However, you can email us at, but reservation guarantees cannot be made via email.
How far in advance should I reserve my inflatable?
It is our recommendation that if you want a specific inflatable that you make your reservation as soon as you have a party date scheduled.  Most reservations take place 2 - 3 weeks from the scheduled day.  However, even if you call the day before or the same day, and you have no preference in a themed bounce we usually have inflatables available.
What is your payment policy? When is payment due?
Full payment is due upon delivery.  At this time we only accept Cash or Money Orders.
What if it is forecasted to rain? or it is raining?

Inflatable rides cannot be used during rain, thunderstorm or high winds.  If it has been forecasted that it might rain, you have the option to cancel at the time the equipment is delivered. Discounts, Refunds or Rain Checks will NOT be issued in the event of the leased equipment is not used for any reason.  Be Aware that WE RESERVE THE RIGHT  TO CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION IF INCLEMENTAL RAIN/WEATHER IS IMMINENT, UP TO THE TIME OF DELIVERY! If you have questions about our weather policy please call 573-1231.

Wet vinyl is unsafe, high winds are extremely dangerous, and wet bouncers require additional cleaning. If you insist on delivery of the equipment, then an additional cleaning fee of $40.00 could be required. Final Decision to be made by All Day Bouncers, LLC.

In the event that it does rain during your rental period.  Exit the ride, but leave it in operation. You can reenter the ride after it has completely dried.  To speed up this process an adult can dry the ride with a towel.  Absolutely, under no circumstances should riders enter the ride if it is raining or wet.  Wet vinyl is slippery and dangerous. 

In addition, if winds exceed 25 MPH. The unit must be exited and then deflated.

Does All Day Bouncers have Insurance?
Yes, All Day Bouncers, LLC carries full liability insurance on our inventory; in the event of injury due to All-Day Bouncers gross negligence or malfunction of All-Day Bouncers equipment. This statement in no way implies legal responsibility. YOU are still responsible for the safety of the children while in the inflatable is in use. Please read your rental agreement. Customers are required to sign our contract that includes a waiver of liability.
SHOPPING AROUND? Here's what you need to know before you select a company!

If you are looking at renting an inflatable there are a few things you need to ask before you select a company.

  1. Compare apples to apples.  Many companies bounce houses are only 13 x 13.  All of ours are 15 x 15.  Larger inflatables means more kids can use the inflatable. 

  2. Is the company insured? Any responsible businesses should carry insurance, especially a bounce rental businesses! Florida does NOT require that inflatable rental companies carry insurance!  YES, All Day Bouncers, LLC IS insured!

  3. Does the company set-up the equipment and train you on the proper operation and supervision? Saving a few dollars by picking up the inflatable yourself may seem like a good idea, but consider how you will load/unload and transport a 15 X 15 bounce house unit that weighs in excess of 280 - 350 pounds (or more, our water slides when wet weight over 500#)! Will you be able to set the unit up and ensure the unit is operated safely? Will you also be able to fold the unit back up the way your received it? Professional delivery, set-up, training and take down is extremely valuable when you are busy with the many other details when hosting a party.

  4. How clean are the inflatables? Ask how often the units are cleaned out! A moonwalk should be vacuumed out and completely wiped out with a clean/disinfectant after every rental. Your child deserves a clean and sanitized bounce house!

All Day Bouncers, LLC. prides ourselves in clean and safe bounces! We do everything possible to provide a safe, and enjoyable fun time for your special event.

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